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summer-fall-2008-037.jpgWe are a small family farm located on the beautiful West Slope of Colorado. We have been growing and selling sustainably raised plants and veggies for more than 15 years, first in northern Idaho and for the last 10 years in southern Missouri. 2019 will be our first year in Colorado. Besides raising plants and seeds for you, we grow most of our own food in a very large garden. We also raise chickens, turkeys, cattle, and Kunekune pigs. We grow some of the feed for our animals, including corn and sorghum for the chickens and turnips, sweet potatoes, and winter squash for the pigs.  We freeze, can, dry, pickle, cure, smoke, and whatever else we can figure out to preserve our farm's bounty. We also trade with local farming friends for items that we don't produce, like honey, lamb, and hay.




We had great fun making sorghum syrup. You can see some pictures of the process below.

We are self-sufficiency nuts and try to be a little more self reliant every year. We heat with wood from our farm and with solar, radiant floor heat, and cook on a wood cookstove in the winter. We try to do as much as we can ourselves. We purchase less and less food every year. We enjoy this lifestyle and want to help others succeed in their quest to do more for themselves, whether they are raising just a couple of tomato plants or a 1/2 acre garden.

With the increasing costs and questionable quality of grocery store food, more and more folks are starting to grow their own. We applaud this trend and want folks to have success with their gardening efforts. We also believe that gardening should be fun. So, we offer a variety of hardy, tasty, and attractive veggie and herb plants for you to enjoy. 

summer-fall-2008-013.jpg     Although we are not certified organic, (we dropped our certification in 2005 when the Federal government took over the program as we are slightly allergic to bureauocracies.), we do grow using only organic methods because we believe in it. On our farm we use mostly on-farm soil amendments (composted manure from our animal friends), cover crops, and occasionally purchased alfalfa hay pellets to keep our soil fertile. 

We do many things by hand the old fashioned, labor intensive way our forefathers did. It keeps us and the planet healthier.

Thank you, 
Ron, Margie, and Sarah Lennington

Oh yes, about our farm name...

We really did have oxen, and they really were lazy.  We tired of watching them watch us work, so they are no longer a part of this farm. We hope to be horse or oxen powered some day, but for now Ron is our ox and he definitely is not lazy!






A couple of our Kunekune pigs. 



Ron and Sarah harvesting sorghum.  




Ron and friend using an old sorghum mill to turn our sorghum cane into juice.


A modern Ozark mule turning the mill.    

              Fresh sorghum juice starting to cook down.