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Ground Cherries

  • Ground Cherry Plant, Cossack Pineapple
    $3.75 Ground Cherry Plant, Cossack Pineapple
    Also known as Husk Cherry, one-bite fruits are terrific for snacking...60 days. OP. Small (3/8" to 5/8") fruits grow inside papery husks, like a tomatillo. But, Ground Cherries are tastier and sweeter eaten fresh. Kids love...

  • Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly's
    $3.75 Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly's
    Super productive and sweet little gems are easy to grow and even easier to eat...   70 days. Open polinated Heirloom from Poland. Very popular for pies, preserves, and sauces, we also just like to snack on them. 1/2"...