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  • Basil Plant, Aromato Bi-Color
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Aromato Bi-Color
    A gorgeous bi-color basil with a strong, anisey flavor and scent...  Annual, open polinated.  An eye-catching purple and green mottled ornamental basil. The anisey scent and flavor intensify when dried, and it...

  • Basil Plant, Cinnamon
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Cinnamon
    Attractive, cinnamon scented basil plant for flower garden or culinary uses...Annual. The leaves are green and the stems and blossoms are a bronze color. It is really quite decorative. The smell of cinnamon is released...

  • Basil Plant, Genovese Italian
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Genovese Italian
    Annual. The sweet basil that all other basils are judged by. Simply the best Italian sweet basil. Very flavorful and aromatic. Productive, strong plant. Perfect for Pesto and all things Italian. Slower to bolt to seed than...

  • Basil Plant, Globe Basil
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Globe Basil
    Compact basil plant is perfect for pots or flower gardens, and has terrific flavor... Annual herb. OP. Globe basil is a Greek basil that forms a compact, 12" mound that makes an attractive plant. The leaves are much smaller...

  • Basil Plant, Holy Basil
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Holy Basil
    New!   Annual, Open Pollinated. Known as Sacred Basil by the Hindu religion, this basil has a sweet, anise flavor that is excellent in teas and potpourries. Also used in Thai cooking. Used as an immune stimulant...

  • Basil Plant, Italian Large Leaf (Lettuce Leaf)
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Italian Large Leaf (Lettuce Leaf)
    A big producer of Italian style basil - perfect for pesto...  Annual. Open Polinated.  An Italian basil with larger leaves than others and a generous plant size. The flavor is perfect for pesto and all things...

  • Basil Plant, Lemon, Mrs. Burn's
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Lemon, Mrs. Burn's
    Mrs. Burn's lemon basil plant is the most aromatic of the lemon basils... Annual. Open Pollinated. We enjoy this basil in salads, rice, chicken, pasta, whatever. Use it where ever you want both a basil and a lemon flavor...

  • Basil Plant, Lime
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Lime
    Basil with a citrusy zing...Annual. This basil plant has a most wonderful lime aroma that is terrific in salads, rice, fish, vinegar, etc. Makes a terrific pesto. Or just keep a potted plant on your porch so you can enjoy...

  • Basil Plant, Mammoth Italian
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Mammoth Italian
    Mild Italian basil plant with huge, wrinkled leaves...Annual. Mammoth basil is milder than Italian basil, so is just perfect for adding to salads. The leaves are quite large and are also yummy in a sandwich in place of...

  • Basil Plant, Purple Ruffles
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Purple Ruffles
    Beauty and substance! ...Purple basil looks and tastes great. The leaf color is a deep purple with pink blossoms. Harvest it to use as an Italian basil or prune and let grow into an ornamental. Loses its color when cooked,...

  • Basil Plant, Thai
    $3.35 Basil Plant, Thai
    Indispensible in Thai foods...A must if you like Thai foods, this basil has a strong, spicy flavor. The plant and leaves are smaller than Italian basil and it really requires heat. Also very attractive, with green leaves,...

  • Herb Plant Sampler, 6 Plants
    $16.95 Herb Plant Sampler, 6 Plants
    Love herbs but can't decide which ones to grow? Let us choose for you! Your 6 plant herb sampler will be chosen by us to do well in your area and to provide you with season long variety, and costs substantially less than...

  • Herb Plant, Borage
    $3.35 Herb Plant, Borage
    Attracts bees and butterflies, and can be added to salads...  Annual. Two feet high by 2 or more feet wide. Gets covered with hundreds of periwinkle blue, star shaped flowers that taste like cucumbers and can be added...

  • Herb Plant, Bronze Fennel
    $3.35 Herb Plant, Bronze Fennel
    A beautiful, tasty herb that also attracts beneficial insects... Open Pollinated.Perennial zones 5 - 9. Italian heirloom. Everyone should have some fennel growing in their garden. It has feathery, bronze colored foliage...

  • Herb Plant, Chives
    $3.35 Herb Plant, Chives
    Easy to grow and attractive onion relative...Perennial. Chives are easy to grow and come back year after year. You can harvest spring through late fall. They are good in everything you would like a mild onion flavor in. I...

  • Herb Plant, Chocolate Mint
    $4.35 Herb Plant, Chocolate Mint
    A minty, chocolate flavor from an easy to grow plant... Perennial in zones 3 - 11. We just love chocolate mint! It tastes just like a Girl Scout Cookie. It makes an amazing tea and is excellent in coffee, but it's uses...

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