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Herb Plants

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  • Herb Plant, Orange Mint
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Orange Mint
    Delightful citrusy, minty flavor, and super easy to grow... Perennial zones 4 - 11. Orange mint is wonderful in teas, fruit salads, and summer drinks. It has a very refreshing orange/mint flavor that is also excellent in...

  • Herb Plant, Papalo (Cilantro alternative)
    $3.55 Herb Plant, Papalo (Cilantro alternative)
    Annual. Frost tender. Heirloom from Central America. Popular in Hispanic communities where it is used like cilantro. The flavor is similar to cilantro, but more pungent and with hints of mint and citrus — a little...

  • Herb Plant, Peppermint
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Peppermint
    Easy to grow herb with many culinary, medicinal, and garden uses... Perennial. Easy to grow just about anywhere, but will do best in partial shade and a healthy garden soil with regular water. Peppermint is a cross between...

  • Herb Plant, Pineapple Mint
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Pineapple Mint
    A beautiful and fragrant mint that can be used in drinks, teas, salads, and makes a decorative border... Perennial, Zones 6 to 11. Pineapple mint is a variety of Apple Mint, but has a sweeter and fruitier essence. It is...

  • Herb Plant, Pineapple Sage
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Pineapple Sage
    Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, looks stunning, and can be used in the kitchen... Perennial above 20 degrees. Otherwise, grow as an annual. Pineapple sage will make a 4 foot high and 3 foot wide bush by late summer...

  • Herb Plant, Rosemary Prostratus
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Rosemary Prostratus
    Tender Perennial zones 8 to 10. Grow as an annual further north. A gorgeous rosemary with a low growing, creeping habit. Perfect for drooping over the sides of containers and walls, and as a ground cover. Good for all...

  • Herb Plant, Rosemary, Barbecue
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Rosemary, Barbecue
    Easy to grow in well drained soil, Rosemary is indispensable in the kitchen... Perennial in zones 8+, and usually if mulched well in zones 6 & 7. Easy to grow in well drained soil, or grow in a large pot and bring in...

  • Herb Plant, Sage
    $3.55 Herb Plant, Sage
    Drought tolerant, attractive, and tasty...Perennial. What would stuffing be without sage?? It is so easy to grow that everyone should have some. Very cold and drought tolerant, we often harvest it fresh for our Thanksgiving...

  • Herb Plant, Silver Queen Thyme
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Silver Queen Thyme
    Perennial zones 6 to 9. A bushy-growing selection of Lemon Thyme, useful both as an ornamental perennial and culinary herb. Plants form a low, shrubby evergreen clump of tiny green leaves, variegated with silvery-white...

  • Herb Plant, Stevia
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Stevia
    An easy to grow sugar substitute... Tender annual. Open Pollinated. Stevia will readily grow in any good garden soil. It will get approximately 2' high by 1' wide. Harvest frequently and pinch it back to keep it bushy and...

  • Herb Plant, Tri-Color Sage
    $4.55 Herb Plant, Tri-Color Sage
    Ornamental edible that brightens up borders, herb gardens, and your palate... Perennial. Zones 5 to 10. Stunningly gorgeous, this sage sports greyish-green leaves marbled with white, pink, and purple. Lavender blue flower...

  • Herb Plant, White Sage
    $3.85 Herb Plant, White Sage
    Tender Perennial Zones 8 - 9.  Best grown as an annual in colder zones, or you can grow in pots and bring indoors for the winter. Aromatic Native American incense herb. Used to make the smudge sticks common in...

  • Herb Plant. Lavender, Munstead
    $4.55 Herb Plant. Lavender, Munstead
    Hardy perennial in zones 5 to 9. Purple-blue flower spikes provide beauty and fragrance all summer long. Munstead is more compact and hardier than other lavenders. Grows to just 18" tall and wide, so is perfect for low...

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