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  • Melon Plant, Charantais
    $3.75 Melon Plant, Charantais
    New! 70 days. Open pollinated. French heirloom. Amazing flavor and aroma have made this heirloom melon popular for 100 years. Has an exotic, tropical aroma and dense, very sweet flesh. Considered the sweetest melon. Fruits...

  • Melon Plant, Delicious 51 PMR
    $3.75 Melon Plant, Delicious 51 PMR
    Very sweet and juicy early muskmelon, widely adapted...73 days. OP. One of the best and most widely adapted open pollinated, orange fleshed muskmelon. Sweet and juicy and early. Well adapted to the north and elsewhere. Dark...

  • Melon Plant, Minnesota Midget
    $3.75 Melon Plant, Minnesota Midget
     Single serving sized melons on compact vines... 60 to 70 days from transplant. Open pollinated. Bred by University of Minnesota in the 1940's for northern growing, but do well just about everywhere. Compact vines are...