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Okra Plants

  • Okra Plant, Burgundy
    $3.55 Okra Plant, Burgundy
    Gorgeous red okra is productive, tender, and tasty.... 55 to 60 days from transplant. Open pollinated. Stunning burgundy red pods are long and slender, and stay tender to 6". Tall ( 4 to 6 feet) plant has burgundy stems,...

  • Okra Plant, Cajun Jewel
    $3.55 Okra Plant, Cajun Jewel
    Early and productive okra that is better adapted to the north than most... 40 to 45 days from transplant. Open pollinated. Classic tender, green okra pods are produced on a short (for okra) 3' to 4' plant. This okra is...

  • Okra Plant, Clemson Spineless
    $3.55 Okra Plant, Clemson Spineless
    Classic green okra is very productive over a long season...  55 to 65 days from transplant, Open pollinated, Heirloom. Spineless plants are less irritating to pick from. Clemson spineless is a classic okra that has...