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  • Tomato Plant Sampler, 6 Plants
    $15.95 Tomato Plant Sampler, 6 Plants
    Having a hard time choosing varieties? Let us do it for you. We will custom choose 6 tomato varieties that grow well in your area. We will generally include one or two cherry tomatoes and the rest will be full sized. These...

  • Tomato Plant, Abraham Lincoln
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Abraham Lincoln
    Abundant, red, round, great old time flavored tomatoes...77 Days. Indet. OP. Heirloom. Popular heirloom since the 1920's, this variety is known for its abundance and flavor. Round, red, 6 to 10 oz., perfect looking fruits...

  • Tomato Plant, Amish Paste
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Amish Paste
    Large, very tasty heirloom red paste and fresh eating tomato...85 Days, Indet. OP. Heirloom. We planted Amish paste for processing, but discovered that it has terrific fresh eating qualities. The flavor is sweet and superb...

  • Tomato Plant, Anna Russian Heirloom
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Anna Russian Heirloom
    Outstanding pink Oxheart tomato with fantastic flavor and production...70 days. Indeterm. OP. Amazing producer of loads of blemish free, large, and very tasty, pink oxheart tomatoes.These tomatoes are just gorgeous, and will...

  • Tomato Plant, Arkansas Traveler
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Arkansas Traveler
    A disease and heat resistant pink heirloom tomato...We are out of stock until April 23. Ordering this plant will delay the shipping of your plants until at least April 23.  80 to 85 Days, Indet. OP. Heirloom. Bred in...

  • Tomato Plant, Brandywine, Sudduth's Strain
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Brandywine, Sudduth's Strain
    Large, pink, sweet and flavorful heirloom tomato...80 Days, Indet. OP. Heirloom. Brandywine started the heirloom tomato craze. The exact opposite of a supermarket tomato: Very sweet, tasty, and juicy. Also, not disease...

  • Tomato Plant, Bush Beefsteak
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Bush Beefsteak
    Compact and early red beefsteak tomato plant...62 Days, Determ. OP. A beefsteak plant for the north or for anyone who wants early yields of 8 to 12 oz. quality, red tomatoes. Compact, bushy plant yields quite generously. Has...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Gardeners Delight
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Gardeners Delight
    A very sweet and productive red cherry tomato that hangs in long clusters...65 days. OP. Indet. Introduced in 1950 by Ernst Benary. Also known as Sugar Lump, this cherry tomato is very sweet. Vigorous vines produce long...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Koralik
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Koralik
    Sweet and productive early red heirloom cherry tomato...62 Days, Determ., OP Heirloom. A truly delicious early red cherry tomato, this plant gets loaded with sweet fruit. Compact for a cherry tomato, it holds its amazingly...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Matt's Wild Cher1ry
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Matt's Wild Cher1ry
     Very sweet, flavorful, productive, and easy to grow, this small, red wild-type tomato will reward you with plenty of delicious fruits for snacking....   55 days. Open polinated. Indeterminate.  From...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Pink Bumble Bee
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Pink Bumble Bee
     An eye-catching dark pink with yellow stripes... 70 days, Indeterm, open polinated. Gorgeous, tasty, prolific, and crack resistant! New breeding work from Artisan Seeds has brought us some delightful varieties, and...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Rosalita Grape
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Rosalita Grape
    Sweet, pink grape tomato borne on long trusses...60 Days. Indet. OP.  If you like grape tomatoes, you will love Rosalita. Small, pink, super sweet, oval fruits grow abundantly on long trusses. The plant is very vigorous...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sweet Pea Currant
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sweet Pea Currant
    Tiny, bright red, and very sweet red currant type tomatoes .... 63 days. Open polinated.  Indeterminate. Sweet Pea produces the tiniest tomatoes we have ever seen - 1/4" ruby red jewels loaded with that rich, sweet...

  • Tomato Plant, Costoluto Genevese
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Costoluto Genevese
    78 days. Indeterm. Open polinated. Italian Heirloom with fantastic flavor. The shape is quite unique - deeply fluted and ridged. The deep red fruits are famous for their flavor, which is very rich, sweet, and a little tart...

  • Tomato Plant, Cour di Bue Oxheart
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cour di Bue Oxheart
    A productive and gorgeous pink/red oxheart heirloom with excellent flavor...70 Days. OP. Indet. Heirloom. Vigorous vines produce beautiful, pink/red, oxheart shaped tomatoes that weigh in at about 12oz. or more each. The...

  • Tomato Plant, German Giant
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, German Giant
    Huge, luscious, plentiful, and smooth, deep pink tomato... 77 days, Indet. OP Heirloom. If you are looking for a huge, excellent tasting, smooth tomato, look no further. German Giant produces plenty of 2 lb. deep pink...

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