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  • Tomato Plant, German Johnson
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, German Johnson
    A favorite, large, pink, sweet heirloom tomato...80 Days, Indet. OP. Heirloom Big producer of big (often over 1 lb.) pink fruits with big flavor on a big plant! A popular old heirloom from the south, the flavor is very sweet...

  • Tomato Plant, Giant Belgium
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Giant Belgium
    An extreme tomato - in size and flavor...88 days. OP. Indet. Heirloom. Pink, very tasty fruits average 2 lbs, but can get substantially larger. We did not intend to offer this variety, as we already have more pink tomatoes...

  • Tomato Plant, Indiana Red Oxheart
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Indiana Red Oxheart
    Indeterm. Opem pollinated heirloom. Late season, but worth the wait. This vigorous plant produces a generous amount of large to huge red, oxheart shaped fruits. The flavor is  full, rich, and sweet. Like most oxhearts,...

  • Tomato Plant, Italian Heirloom
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Italian Heirloom
    Great tasting, multi-purpose, large, red tomato from Italy.... 75 days. Indeterminate. Open Pollinated.  If you are looking for one tomato that does it all and is easy to grow, try this one! Large, 8 to 16 oz. fruits...

  • Tomato Plant, Jersey Devil
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Jersey Devil
    80 days. Indeterm. American heirloom. Bright red, banana shaped fruits are 5" to 6" long, and are produced abundantly. The flavor is just perfect for canning, and the fruits are meaty with few seeds. This variety has been...

  • Tomato Plant, Joe's Pink Oxheart
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Joe's Pink Oxheart
    Huge pink oxheart tomato with huge flavor and few seeds and little juice ...80 days. OP. Indet. Heirloom. Vigorous vine produces big bunches of huge pink tomatoes which are oxheart shaped, meaty, and have fantastic flavor...

  • Tomato Plant, Legend
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Legend
    Early, late blight resistant, great tasting red tomato...68 Days. Determ. OP. Very early variety sets in cool weather and produces plenty of 8 oz. red, tasty tomatoes. Compact plant was bred by Dr. James Baggett at Oregon...

  • Tomato Plant, Martino's Roma
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Martino's Roma
    High producing, heirloom paste tomato, widely adapted... 75 days, Determ, Italian Heirloom, OP. Compact plants produce a heavy harvest of 2 to 3 oz, plum/pear shaped tomatoes. The fruits are perfect for processing, being...

  • Tomato Plant, New Big Dwarf
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, New Big Dwarf
    Perfect for container growing, produces flavorful, large tomatoes in a small space... 60 days, Determ, OP Heirloom from an early 1900's cross of Ponderosa and Dwarf Champion. Two to four foot plant produces a large harvest...

  • Tomato Plant, Opalka Paste
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Opalka Paste
    A large paste type tomato that is meaty, productive, and has excellent flavor...75 days. OP. Indet. Heirloom from Poland. Large, meaty, red/orange fruits are about 5-6" long. The flesh is relatively dry and makes a delicious...

  • Tomato Plant, Red Zebra
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Red Zebra
    75 days Indeterm. Open polinated. Sister to Green Zebra. Stunning 2" to 3" round,  red tomatoes with jagged orange stripes. Tart sweet flavor, heavy production, and stress tolerant like it's sisters. A cross between...

  • Tomato Plant, San Marzano
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, San Marzano
    Famous red paste and canning tomato from Italy...80 Days, Indet. Heirloom Makes the best canned tomatoes. Also terrific for sauce and paste. Very productive compact plant produces loads of 3" long plum shaped red tomatoes...

  • Tomato Plant, Stupice
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Stupice
     A very early heirloom red tomato with terrific flavor and productivity...52 days, OP Heirloom. Indet. From Czechoslovakia. A staple of northern gardens due to its earliness and much better flavor than other ultra-early...

  • Tomato Plant, Tropic VFN
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Tropic VFN
    New!  Bred for the South, this main season red slicer is abundant, and disease, and heat resistant... We have a 6 plant minimum. You can mix and match varieties to meet the minimum. We are out of stock until April 23...

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