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  • Tomatillo Plant, Toma Verde
    $3.35 Tomatillo Plant, Toma Verde
    Loads of 1 1/2" to 2" green fruits are perfect for making salsa...70 days. OP. Plants get to 4' high and wide, and get loaded with round, green fruits in a tan, papery husk. Earlier than Cisineros, and smaller fruited...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Honeydrop
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Honeydrop
     Very sweet and juicy honey colored cherry tomato with early maturity...62 days. OP. Indet. Very sweet and juicy with a fruity flavor, this little cherry tomato is early and productive. Just terrific for snacking, the...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Koralik
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Koralik
    Sweet and productive early red heirloom cherry tomato...62 Days, Determ., OP Heirloom. A truly delicious early red cherry tomato, this plant gets loaded with sweet fruit. Compact for a cherry tomato, it holds its amazingly...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sun Gold F1
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sun Gold F1
    The tastiest early cherry tomato ever...58 days, Hybrid, Indeterm. Sun Gold produces loads of fantastic tasting orange cherry tomatoes over a long season. Also suited for the North due to its early maturity and tolerance to...

  • Tomato Plant, Maglia Rose
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Maglia Rose
    New!   55 days, Semi-Determinate, Open Pollinated. Another winner from Artisan Seeds. Maglia Rose has elongated cherry sized fruits that are a stunning light pink with yellow mottling. The flavor is sweet and...

  • Tomato Plant, Oregon Spring
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Oregon Spring
    New!   60 days, determinate, open pollinated. A full sized (6 to 7 oz), early red slicer that will produce well even in the coolest climates. Oregon Spring will set fruit even when nights are still cool. Nice...

  • Tomato Plant, Stupice
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Stupice
     A very early heirloom red tomato with terrific flavor and productivity...52 days, OP Heirloom. Indet. From Czechoslovakia. A staple of northern gardens due to its earliness and much better flavor than other ultra-early...

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