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  • Sweet Pepper Plant, Purple Beauty
    $3.35 Sweet Pepper Plant, Purple Beauty
    Early purple sweet bell pepper plant...74 days, OP. This sweet bell pepper plant does well in the north and fantastic in warmer areas. Sets blocky, thick walled, 3"x3" peppers that start green then turn purple, and then red...

  • Sweet Pepper Plant, Sweet Chocolate
    $3.35 Sweet Pepper Plant, Sweet Chocolate
    The best flavor of the chocolate sweet peppers...80 days, OP. This sweet pepper plant sets loads of 6" to 8", tapered, fruits that start green and turn chocolate colored upon ripening. Red on the inside and very sweet. Just...

  • Tomatillo Plant, Toma Verde
    $3.35 Tomatillo Plant, Toma Verde
    Loads of 1 1/2" to 2" green fruits are perfect for making salsa...70 days. OP. Plants get to 4' high and wide, and get loaded with round, green fruits in a tan, papery husk. Earlier than Cisineros, and smaller fruited...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Honeydrop
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Honeydrop
     Very sweet and juicy honey colored cherry tomato with early maturity...62 days. OP. Indet. Very sweet and juicy with a fruity flavor, this little cherry tomato is early and productive. Just terrific for snacking, the...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Koralik
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Koralik
    Sweet and productive early red heirloom cherry tomato...62 Days, Determ., OP Heirloom. A truly delicious early red cherry tomato, this plant gets loaded with sweet fruit. Compact for a cherry tomato, it holds its amazingly...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sun Gold F1
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sun Gold F1
    The tastiest early cherry tomato ever...58 days, Hybrid, Indeterm. Sun Gold produces loads of fantastic tasting orange cherry tomatoes over a long season. Also suited for the North due to its early maturity and tolerance to...

  • Tomato Plant, Maglia Rose
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Maglia Rose
    New!   55 days, Semi-Determinate, Open Pollinated. Another winner from Artisan Seeds. Maglia Rose has elongated cherry sized fruits that are a stunning light pink with yellow mottling. The flavor is sweet and...

  • Tomato Plant, Oregon Spring
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Oregon Spring
    New!   60 days, determinate, open pollinated. A full sized (6 to 7 oz), early red slicer that will produce well even in the coolest climates. Oregon Spring will set fruit even when nights are still cool. Nice...

  • Tomato Plant, Stupice
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Stupice
     A very early heirloom red tomato with terrific flavor and productivity...52 days, OP Heirloom. Indet. From Czechoslovakia. A staple of northern gardens due to its earliness and much better flavor than other ultra-early...

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