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  • Watermelon Plant, Cream of Saskatchewan
    $3.35 Watermelon Plant, Cream of Saskatchewan
    New!   80 days, Heirloom. Brought to Saskatchewan by Russian immigrants. Does well in cool northern climates (and elsewhere). Round fruits up to 10" in diameter, 4-10 pounds. A rare treat with sweet white flesh,...

  • Watermelon Plant, Moon & Stars
    $3.35 Watermelon Plant, Moon & Stars
    Gorgeous green watermelons have yellow moons and stars, and terrific, sweet flavor...95 days. OP. Heirloom from before 1900, thought to be lost, but found by Kent Whealy from Seed Savers exchange being grown by Merle Van...

  • Watermelon Plant, Sugar Baby
    $3.35 Watermelon Plant, Sugar Baby
    80 days. Open polinated. The standard "icebox" watermelon, popular for many years. Round, 8 to 10 lb fruits have a dark green rind that is crack resistant. Flesh is dark pink, sweet, crunchy, and juicy. Vines are only 6' to...