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  • Tomato Plant Sampler, 6 Plants
    $15.95 Tomato Plant Sampler, 6 Plants
    Having a hard time choosing varieties? Let us do it for you. We will custom choose 6 tomato varieties that grow well in your area. We will generally include one or two cherry tomatoes and the rest will be full sized. These...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Beam's Yellow Pear
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Beam's Yellow Pear
    An outstanding selection of Yellow Pear tomato - delicious and productive... 70 days. Open Pollinated. Indeterminate. Heirloom. Vigorous plant gets loaded with 1" to 1 1/2", bright yellow pear shaped tomatoes, with a zesty,...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Blondkopfchen
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Blondkopfchen
    Large plants get loaded with little, golden fruits that are bursting with sweetness... 75 days. Indet. OP Heirloom. If you like currant tomatoes or Matt's Wild Cherry, you will love these. Huge plants produce like crazy...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Blush
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Blush
     Stunning and very tasty, elongated cherry tomato that is yellow blushed with red....    60 days. Open polinated. Indeterminate.  This gorgeous cherry tomato is about the size and shape of a large,...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Gold Rush Currant
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Gold Rush Currant
    A beautiful, tasty, and prolific tiny yellow tomato. If you like our Sweet Pea currant tomato, you ought to try this one... 70 to 75 days. Open Pollinated. Indeterminate. Large vine with wispy foliage gets loaded with 1/4",...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Honeydrop
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Honeydrop
     Very sweet and juicy honey colored cherry tomato with early maturity...62 days. OP. Indet. Very sweet and juicy with a fruity flavor, this little cherry tomato is early and productive. Just terrific for snacking, the...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Indigo Gold Berries
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Indigo Gold Berries
    Gorgeous little jewels start out blue and ripen to gold on bottoms and indigo on top...   73 days. Indeterminate. Open Polinated. Another winner in the Indigo series bred by Brad Gates. Similar to Blue Berries, but...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sun Gold F1
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sun Gold F1
    The tastiest early cherry tomato ever...58 days, Hybrid, Indeterm. Sun Gold produces loads of fantastic tasting orange cherry tomatoes over a long season. Also suited for the North due to its early maturity and tolerance to...

  • Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sunrise Bumblebee
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Cherry, Sunrise Bumblebee
    Yellow with red stripes and swirls, and terrific flavor... 70 days. Indeterminate. Open pollinated. Another winner in the Bumblebee series, which has a much deserved reputation for productivity, hardiness, beauty, and...

  • Tomato Plant, Copia
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Copia
    85 days. Indeterm. Open poliated. Big, 1 lb. tomatoes are just gorgeous with fine yellow and red stripes. The interior is primarily yellow with red streaks. The flavor is out of this world - very sweet and fruity and juicy...

  • Tomato Plant, Dixie Golden Giant
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Dixie Golden Giant
     Productive yellow/orange beefsteak type fruits on a vigorous plant... We have a 6 plant minimum. You can mix and match varieties to meet the minimum. 85 Days. Open Pollinated. Amish Heirloom. Indeterminate. Big,...

  • Tomato Plant, Garden Peach
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Garden Peach
    Prolific, cute, sweet novelty heirloom tomato that keeps well...71 Days, Indet. OP. Heirloom Really cute 2 to 3 oz. pale yellow fruits with an orangey-pink blush and fuzzy skin are produced prolifically over a long season...

  • That's a dinner plate. These babies are huge!
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Gold Medal
    Huge yellow fruits with red blush are very sweet and delicious.  75 days, Indet. Heirloom, OP. Wow, what a nice tomato! Want to impress your neighbors? Huge (1 to 2 lb) fruits are yellow with a stunning red blush, and...

  • Tomato Plant, Kellogg's Breakfast
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Kellogg's Breakfast
    Large, orange tomatoes are very sweet and have excellent flavor for a low acid fruit... 80 days, Indet. OP Heirloom. Large, rambling plants produce plenty of beautiful, orange fruits that are 4" to 5" accross, 1 to 2 lbs,...

  • Tomato Plant, Limony
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Limony
    New!  Very productive plant with gorgeous lemon yellow, large tomatoes... We have a 6 plant minimum. You can mix and match varieties to meet the minimum. 80 days. Open Pollinated. Indeterminate. Heirloom from Russia...

  • Tomato Plant, Lucid Gem
    $3.35 Tomato Plant, Lucid Gem
    A striking beefsteak tomato - neon orange with indigo shoulders, orange and red inside, and great flavor!...   80 days. Indeterminate. Open Pollinated. Another amazing selection from Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farm. These...

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